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5 savvy apps you need in your life

Constantly on the go? There are a few things we always have on hand – a bottle of Optiwell and a personal PA in the form of our smartphones. Check out our roundup of savvy apps that will make your life easier and more productive! From organising your to-do list to acting as a trusty exercise companion, these downloads are definitely worth your precious storage space. Wanderlist Mornings can be a real juggling act. Between dropping the kids and planning your next holiday, sending that work email and buying a birthday present for your friend, tasks can easily pile up, That’s why you need a to-do list. Diaries have served us well in the past, but Wanderlist is even better. The app helps you create and share lists, setting up deadlines and reminders. You can also collaborate on lists with colleagues, friends and family, which means at least one of you will remember to pick up milk on the way home. Fitocracy Looking for a gym buddy? Try Fitocracy, which you can keep in your pocket and call upon whenever you need. As well as providing step-by-step exercises, the app keeps you on track during sweat sessions. You set a goal and when you achieve it, you move up a level. You’re also connected with other members of the Fitocracy community, who are there to provide feedback, encouragement and rewards when you’re lacking get-out-of-bed motivation. Mint You can’t relax when your finances aren’t in order. Mint consolidates your investments, credit card statements, bank accounts and expenses into one interface, so everything’s before you. The app crunches the numbers so you never fall behind on payments, making it our go-to money-saving tool. Headspace Feeling tense? A moment of meditation can clear foggy thoughts, lowering stress, anxiety and making you more productive. Meditation isn’t always easy to get your head around, but Headspace breaks it down into steps. The app provides relaxing sounds, imagery and breathing exercises (spoken in the most soothing voice) to help you rise above digital distractions and send you on your way to daily zen. (Yes, you can actually use your phone to block out the world around you!) The app encourages you to take 10 minutes a day just for yourself, so why not enjoy some fruity yogurt deliciousness while you’re at it? Flipboard Don’t have enough newspaper-reading, breakfast-munching minutes in the morning to keep up with the news? Flipboard lets you handpick a few topics and titles, so you only see content you care about. The app also syncs up with your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you can browse articles, videos and photos your friends are sharing. Think of it as your own personal magazine, best enjoyed with an on-the-go Optiwell during your morning or afternoon commute.
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