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6 tips to boost your productivity

Wish you possessed superpowers to boost your productivity? We’ll let you in on a secret – it’s easier than you think! Start with these six simple (and maintainable!) tweaks to your daily routine. From decluttering your desk to indulging in an Opti-licious snack as the hunger pangs set in, these are proven methods to help you beat procrastination, power through tasks, and get the most out of your day. It’s the small changes that see dramatic gains!   Declutter your desk A cluttered desk is one that’s filled with potential distractions. Doing away with the random sticky notes and uncompleted projects, you feel calm, focused and prepared to tackle your workload! Make your desk a place you want to sit at, keeping it organised and chic with a smart storage system, colourful stationery, good lighting and plants. Extend this thinking to your virtual desktops, too, deleting unnecessary apps and icons on your phone, tablet and laptop.   Plan one day ahead At the end of today, plan tomorrow. Waking up with a plan of action gives you a clear idea of your priorities and when to schedule appointments. The time you’d otherwise spend figuring out what to do next is replaced with moving quickly and tackling your to-do list like a champion. Be conscious of the times when you’re most productive and make the most of them.   Get more sleep Do you get tired toward the afternoon? This slump is a natural part of your circadian rhythm, but it’s exacerbated by not getting enough sleep. A simple solution? Limit your screen time before bed. If you have trouble disconnecting, take electronics out of the bedroom altogether! You’ll be less inclined to check Twitter or watch that last episode on Netflix if you’re restless, guaranteeing a more sound sleep.   Set aside time for social Social media is great for reading news and planning events – but it’s also one of the greatest time sucks! Don’t default to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for mindless scrolling. Instead of having it always on in the background, set aside a few minutes and give it your full attention. By building social media into your day, it’s less likely to bleed into other tasks.   Take ‘walking meetings’ Work meeting? Unless you need to dial in or refer to slides, there’s no reason why you should be tethered to the boardroom. Why not suggest a walk and talk? As well as letting you soak up some vitamin D, walking is very good for your health – producing stress-relieving endorphins and boosting serotonin to help you sleep better at night. A change in surroundings also perks up the brain so you’re functioning at peak concentration!   Snack right Feeling the 3pm slump? Afternoon hanger is one of the worst feelings. First, step away from the vending machine. Candy and cookies lead to a spike in blood sugar, before an inevitable crash, leaving you less satisfied and focused than you were before. But skipping the urge to snack altogether means you’re much more likely to overeat come your next meal. The trick is to snack smart. Get your sweet fix without the crash with a grab-and-go Optiwell. With only 64 calories per serving, it’s the perfect tide-me-over snack for a rumbling stomach.
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