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8 of the best #thankgoodness moments

If you’re anything like us, your social feeds are full of extremes; people talking about their stressful commutes, how rainy it is, or humble bragging about how they can’t fit all their bikinis in their suitcase. But nobody’s talking about all the brilliant little things that happen every day that make you smile. Here at Optiwell, we think we’re a small (but tasty!) change – a healthy alternative to tempting snacks – that’ll make you think, ‘Ah, thank goodness!’ So, with that in mind, we thought we’d spend some time celebrating all those #thankgoodness moments – you know, the ones that have you high fiving yourself in glee? Yeah. Those. Enjoy!

When you’re running late and the bus doors magically re-open for five seconds so you can squeeze on

GIF-1 Source: Giphy

When you drop your phone face down and pick it up and it’s not shattered

TG3 Source: Giphy

When you pull out last winter’s jacket and you find a fiver in the pocket

TG4 Source: Giphy

When you come home late and find leftovers in the fridge you’d totally forgotten about

giphy (2) Source: Giphy

When you’ve just lovingly smeared jam on toast, drop it and it lands topping up

TG5 Source: Giphy

When all you want is a night in and your friends text you to cancel this evening’s plans

giphy (4) Source: Giphy

When you think you’ve lost your phone and turns out it’s just lost in the lining of your handbag

TG7 Source: Giphy

When you ladder your tights but your skirt just covers it

TG8 Source: Giphy What are your favourite #thankgoodness moments? We’d love to hear yours – so pop them in a comment on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.
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