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Best foodie Instagram accounts

If there are two things we love here at Optiwell, they’re food and drink. We’re a little obsessed with anything that tastes amazing – and if it does you good to boot, so much the better! In order to make something vaguely useful out of our Instagram foodie obsession, we’ve put together a list of 10 of our fave accounts full of tempting treats that we like to tease ourselves with. We should warn you, though: you won’t want to read this on an empty stomach – so pour yourself a glass of Optiwell and get ready for some serious food-spiration!

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Be Fit Smoothies We love smoothies here at Optiwell – especially when they look this good! Tart up your usual smoothie staple and try out one of their suggestions. Alternatively, head over to our recipe section for a yummy berry smoothie and tons of other delicious dishes.

Lily Vanilli

Lily Vanilli This one’s for those with a sweet tooth and a penchant for beautiful baked goods. Lily Vanilli’s bakery is a firm favourite with those browsing the flower market on trendy Columbia Road in east London – which explains the plethora of beautiful blooms adorning their cakes.

Mondo Mulia

Mondo mulia-1 Blogger Giulia Mulè knows a thing or two about top-down photography – just look at all those perfectly positioned mid-meal poses. Peppered with snaps of gorgeous meals in warmer, Italian climes, hers is a great account for those dreaming of their next trip away. It’s an always-stylish glimpse into what looks like a p-retty awesome (not to mention delicious) life.

Sophie’s Blend

Sophie Bradshaw-1 Sophie Bradshaw is a healthy food lover who makes and eats all sorts of goodies – we particularly enjoy her artistically presented breakfast bowls, envy-inducing brunches and generally gorgeous colour palette. You’ll feel healthier just looking at it!

Spoon Fork Bacon

Spoon Fork Bacon-1 Tery Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park are food stylists – and boy, can you tell! Their feed features food of every type, from pies to pork baps to plain old pumpkins all standing in a row. It’s a feast for the eyes that’ll have you scrapping those quick dinner plans for something far more elaborate.

Hungry Betches

Hungry Betches-1 Ermahgerd! Some of these photos are utterly ridiculous – as in genuinely ludicrous, this-must-be-a-dream sort of stuff. We love the bright colours and impeccable quality of the photos – all the better to drool over that melted cheese and perfectly poised peanut butter. We challenge anyone to not immediately raid the fridge for Optiwell after looking at this one.

Lee Tilghman

Lee in America-1 In her bio, she says ‘I play with my plants’ – cue an Instagram feed full of healthy treats and food that frankly looks too good to eat. Head here for breakfast bowls, inventive brunches, extremely virtuous dinners and a few impressive yoga poses.

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson-1 No one takes joy in preparing and eating food like Nigella – and that’s what makes her Instagram such a treat. From her trusty #recipeoftheday taken from her cookbooks to regramming followers’ creations and behind-the-scenes snaps at events and signings, the feed is a veritable goldmine for foodie fans.

Twigg Studios

Twigg Studios Now, we know social media can be misleading, but Aimee Twigg’s life sounds pretty awesome. This is how she describes it: ‘Author. Food. Photography. Dalmation owner. Devon, UK.’ Um, yes please! Peruse this feed for hundreds of beautifully crafted, moody pics of dreamy bakes and seasonal specials. So hungry right now.

Spreadhouse Coffee

Spreadhouse Coffee-1 This trendy spot in the Big Apple has got its Instagramming down to a fine art, featuring latte art (lartte?), freelance coffee addicts tapping away on their laptops and beautiful shots of the cafe’s hanging wicker chairs. And there are doughnuts. Oh, the doughnuts. Hungry yet? We’d be surprised if you weren’t! Better get yourself over to the fridge and nab yourself a glass of Optiwell – or try one of our delicious recipes if you’re feeling creative!
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