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Everyday picnics with a twist

Picnic season is upon us! Whenever there is a glimmer of sunshine, make the most of it by unfurling the blanket and dining al fresco style on the grass! Nothing beats basking in the sun, enjoying nature and tucking into a delicious plate of food and yummy yogurty deliciousness without a care in the world. And with that in mind, here are just a few tips for putting together the perfect spread… Choose your location wisely The perfect picnic requires a bit of pre-planning. Think of who’s coming before deciding on the location. What are the amenities like? Are there BBQ facilities? A playground for the kids? A pet-friendly park for your dog? How accessible is it for everyone, including grandma? If you’re using picnic tables, carry clips to hold everything in place. If using blankets, towels or tablecloths, take plastic liners so they won’t get too wet on the grass.   Take a basket and cooler Keep tableware, your mat and non-perishables in a basket, then carry perishables and drinks in coolers. Taking bottles of Optiwell means you can better distribute the weight and don’t have to bring cups – which leaves more room for games! Go for finger foods Pack foods that are easily portable and ready to nibble. Things like cucumber and celery cut into chunks, frozen grapes, cherry tomatoes, bread sticks and skewers. Use greaseproof paper and string to wrap sandwiches and cakes. This will keep them together and save them from getting sweaty. You can even look beyond your usual sandwich platter and put together a mezze plate with a selection of dips, olives and bread. Stock up on mason jars Jars come in handy for everything from salads and pastas to desserts. Put dressing and heavy items on the bottom and foods to stay crisp and fresh at the top. Leave space at the top of each for shaking and mixing when you’re ready to serve. Want to ensure everything stays cool? If you pop your Optiwell in the freezer, it acts as a great chiller brick for the rest of your food – and stays yummy and icy throughout the day! Make it a games day Bring the lunchtime fun with outdoor games! Think bubbles, footballs, frisbees, kites and anything else you can fit in the boot. Clean up after yourself When you’re packing your picnic spread, also plan the cleanup. An assortment of zip bags, aluminum foil and cling film will have you covered. Baby wipes also come in handy when dealing with sticky hands, big and small. And definitely bring along garbage bags so you end up leaving the area in a better state than when you found it.
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