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Guilty pleasure workout songs: part 2

We’re back for part 2, the sequel, numero dos of our guilty pleasure workout playlist. It’s time for the songs that feel so wrong, but my goodness are definitely so right! Getting the perfect mix of melodic motivation is a finely tuned skill people spend their lives searching for. Okay, so maybe that’s an overstatement, but the fact remains – finding the right ear candy can make anything better – workouts included. Honestly! To unsuspecting gym goers, your over enthusiastic efforts on the crossfit are spurred on by coolest of sounds echoing through your headphones. How wrong could they be? What you need is some Disco in your life and some funk in your step. Do people still say funk? If they don’t, they definitely should. We’re bringing it back. Sit yourself back, turn the speaker up and sing aloud shamelessly – no one’s watching. Chic – Good Times Arguably one of the happiest songs ever written. It’s hard not to bop your head to this one, careful though, it’s contagious. Proceed with caution. Mark Ronson – I Can’t Lose ft. Keyone Starr Oh Mark, you can’t stop can you? Time after time you grace us with the finest cheesy harmonies and this time you duly delivered. This is one of our faves to really get you going for those early morning sessions. Le Freak – Ces’t Chic A song that just makes you want to do a highly embarrassing dance. I mean, what else is the gym mirror for? You go for it girl, you’ve got this. Sister Sledge – We Are Family “WE ARE FAMILY”, and don’t you just know it! If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’ll give you that push through those painful crunches. This song does however have the potential to lodge itself in your brain – have fun humming this one. Indeed – Last night a DJ Saved My Life The DJ might not save your life but they’ll definitely save you from watching the timer on the treadmill. Similarly to the artist’s name, this is Indeed a classic guilty pleasure. Daft Punk – Get Lucky Guilty about this one? Absolutely not. Perfect for your walk to the gym – you’ll practically be skipping through the doors. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop till you get enough Who doesn’t love a bit of MJ, right?! Treat your ears to one of his classics and get yourself through those lunges one step at a time. Justin Timberlake – Take back the night Oh Justin, we’ve only ever had eyes for you. We hated you for leaving N Sync but you sure won our hearts back with this little number. The thought of those squats seem a little more bearable, right? Bruno Mars – Treasure Another track fresh off Bruno’s catchy song conveyor belt, in a video which looks like it was filmed 40 years ago. Perhaps enough distraction from the pain of doing burpees? We’ll let you decide. The Jacksons – Blame it on the boogie If this doesn’t get you going, we don’t know what will! The pinnacle of disco cheesiness – WE LOVE IT. Time to conquer the rowing machine.  
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