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Our favourite #smallchanges challenge entries

So we’ve been jabbering on about our #smallchanges challenge since early January now and we’ve been absolutely loving all the entries you’ve sent in. And although the idea of #smallchanges will live on forever, we’re pretty devastated to say that the actual competition ends on the 29th February. And did we mention there’s a shopping trip for two to New York up for grabs? (We definitely did.) But hey, that is a freaking awesome prize – so make sure you get your entries in as soon as you can to be in with a chance of nabbing it for you and your best bud/your other half/your mum (delete as appropriate). In case you’ve got the February blues and aren’t feeling super psyched, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the best entries we’ve seen so far. Some of them are so completely brilliant that we couldn’t not share them. But hats off to you all, whether you’re featured here or not. To those making more time for your kids, getting up extra early to go walking or finally taking up that hobby you’ve been talking about for years – you are an inspiration and thank you again for sharing your #smallchanges with us!  

1. Kerryanna Atkinson

Kerryanna small changes
My #SmallChanges are getting out and exploring as much in the winter as the summer. After breakfast walks in the forest have been a huge hit with my little lad. To be honest I’ve quite enjoyed searching for ‘Mouse Houses & Troll Bridges
We just love this entry from Kerryanna. Not only is a dreamy photo – mantelpiece contender for sure – but it’s such a lovely, calm moment between mum and son. Walking is a great way to keep fit if you’re not really into hitting the gym or jogging – and it’s a really sociable activity, too.  

2. Amy Jane Beckett

Amy Jane small changes
I’m challenging myself to skateboard every day. Even in the bad weather using the balance board inside. #smallchanges
We’re seriously impressed with Amy’s small change for 2016 – not just skateboarding down what looks to us like a gigantic mountain, but keeping it up even when the weather gets bad. One of the hardest things about keeping fit is sticking to a routine, so we love Amy’s attitude. Great work!  

3. Natasha Brook

Natasha small changes
My small change: let the kids ‘make a mess’. I get so stressed out about mess, but I need to remember that to me it might just be mess but to them they are learning. And it can be cleaned up. Unless it’s pen on the wall 😂😩 #smallchanges
They say that life’s too short to sweat the small stuff – but that’s a lot easier said than done. Natasha’s small change inspired us because it will allow her to really enjoy these moments with the kids without feeling constantly on edge. So there’s only one thing for it as far as we’re concerned: get stuck in and flex those Play Doh muscles!  

4. Melissa Cannon

Melissa Cannon
So far so good – our family #smallchanges are to put down all the gadgets we seem to depend on nowadays and get fresh air for 1/2 hour every day. With Optiwell inside us we’re loving every minute!
We featured Melissa’s fantastic entry on our website because we loved it so much. Obviously the fact that it has Optiwell drawn in the sand in a big heart might have caught our attention, but we also really agree that ditching the gadgets and spending time with family is a great and meaningful small change we could all make.  

5. Sarah J Scott

Sarah small changes
I am making #smallchanges by making healthy food more fun!
If you’ve got hungry and occasionally picky mouths to feed – or you just like to get a little creative with your food presentation – we recommend you take a leaf out of Sarah’s book. We love her creative take on healthy foods for the whole family – definitely one to try on a lazy Sunday morning! Don’t forget to send in your #smallchanges entry before the 29th February to be in with a chance of winning a shopping trip to The Big Apple! Find out more about the challenge and how to enter over on our website:
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