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Seven #smallchanges to make recipes healthier

If you follow us on social, you’ll have seen we’ve been talking an awful lot about our #smallchanges challenge recently. We’re encouraging everyone to take little, manageable steps towards feeling better – all you have to do is take a photo of your small change with the hashtag, and then either post it on our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter and Instagram. There’s a shopping trip to New York up for grabs for our ultimate #smallchanges winner – and It’s running until the 29th February, so be sure to get involved soon. As part of this, we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of some easy, healthy food swaps you can make to your favourite recipes – including using Optiwell in desserts to keep them sweet with fewer calories, sugar or fat than the usual versions. It just goes to show that you don’t have to give up what you love – it’s all about having everything in moderation with a few tasty twists. Enjoy! Beetroot brownies Beetroot brownies-1 These brownies are seriously chocolatey – and do still contain some butter and sugar – but contain half the fat of a standard recipe. It’s as simple as microwaving some beetroot and whizzing it up in a blender, adding melted butter and chocolate, whisking in sugar, eggs, flour and cocoa powder – and off you go! Read the full recipe on BBC Good Food. Avocado chocolate mousse Avocado chocolate mousse This is an awesomely healthy vegan-friendly dessert. Hemsley & Hemsley’s recipe is super easy, too – just whack a frozen banana, a chilled avocado, cacao powder, honey, lemon juice, vanilla extract, water and salt in a blender, whizz and devour. Nom. Berry froyo Berry Froyo   Here’s one of our very own delicious desserts. All you need is Optiwell, greek yogurt and frozen berries and you’ve got yourself a sweet, fruit-filled dessert that’s pretty cheap to make – and no full-fat cream in sight. Watch the full recipe video here. Courgette muffins Courgette muffins   The courgette in these muffins, along with vegetable oil and eggs, keeps the mix really moist, with sugar, dark chocolate and cinnamon keeping them satisfyingly sweet. You’ll have to translate this recipe to equivalent UK amounts, but the result is excellent – plus it’s a great way to hide veggies beneath chocolate for any greens-averse kids. Veggie shepherd’s pie Veggie cottage pie For all the comfort and deliciousness of a shepherd’s pie, try this healthy version that uses lentils and veg in the sauce and sweet potato to top it. For a little added interest and texture, you could add a little cheddar and pumpkin seeds to the top towards the end of baking. Delish. Optiwell cheesecake Cheesecake   Here’s another of our cheat desserts – and a firm favourite with our fans, too. Using a couple of spoons of sugar and a little jam means the sugar content is massively reduced, but without compromising on flavour. Mashed avocado Mashed avocado Next time you’re being extremely organised and making your sandwiches for your packed lunch, consider the wonder-ingredient avocado as a brilliant swap for mayo. It’s nutritious, goes with loads of other food and moistens the the fillings no end – and it’s super healthy too. Check out the full range of Optiwell recipes here or get in touch on Facebook with more healthy foodie swap ideas.
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