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Ultimate feel-good Christmas movie moments

‘Tis the season to be cheesy – and cheese comes a very close second for us, after yogurt – so pretty much the perfect time to reach into the festive archives and pull out some seriously feel-good Christmas classics. And instead of merely suggesting the top festive films you should snuggle down under a blanket and enjoy with the standard bucket of Christmas confectionary, we’ve gone to the trouble of selecting the individual moments that make them so great. So if you’re anything like us at Optiwell, you should probably prepare some tissues for the tears – things are about to get emotional.

The Holiday: the tent

Jude Law’s two kids in The Holiday are impossibly cute. In this scene, they invite Cameron Diaz into their ‘den’ (although it looks more like something from Country Life than any dens we used to make as children) and spend two minutes being completely adorable. Christmas feels at the ready.

Elf: Santa’s coming

It’s more or less impossible to watch this scene and not crack a smile. For those in need of a little enthusiasm boost, this is the one for you – even if you only manage to take on a smidgen of Will Ferrell’s tireless excitement, that’ll be enough.

Love Actually: the proposal

What’s better than watching Colin Firth proposing? Watching Colin Firth proposing in Portuguese, of course! In a film that’s brimming with highly emotional storylines and more than a little silliness, this bit really is heartwarming.

Bridget Jones: just as you are

Watch out – it’s Colin Firth being charming again. Seriously, though – is there a British rom com that he’s not in? Mental note made for 2016 to look for one (and then probably not watch it because Colin Firth’s not in it).

Miracle on 34th Street: sign language

As if Miracle on 34th Street wasn’t full of ‘there’s something in my eye’ moments! Apparently, Richard Attenborough, who plays Santa Claus, secretly learnt sign language so that he could surprise the deaf actress, Sami Krieger – so the look of delight on her face is totally genuine. Sob.

It’s a Wonderful Life: reunited

It’s slightly out of context – and if you haven’t seen the full film, you should definitely watch it this year – but the end of It’s A Wonderful Life takes some beating for feel-good vibes. George is reunited with his family, the money’s flowing, people are singing Auld Lang Syne – dreamy!

Night before Christmas: Jack discovers Christmas

Being excited is pretty much a given for everyone who’s grown up with it. But for Jack Skellington, he’s never seen anything like it. His excitement and bewilderment at all the good vibes makes for a heart-warming scene (and a cracking song!)

Harry Potter: Christmas at Hogwarts

Although the Harry Potter stories tend to cover the whole school year, there’s always a brilliant festive scene at Hogwarts that’s guaranteed to warm your cockles and have you humming carols in no time. Here’s a snippet from the first film where Harry gets his first ever Christmas presents – bless! So there you have it – some of the best feel-good Christmas movie moments to fill you with festive spirit. Have we missed your favourite? Get in touch on social using the buttons on the right to let us know!
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